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Today a banner stand trade show display program can cover a broad variety of sizes, varieties, uses (outdoor/indoor), plus lots of building processes. Each of the different kinds appear to fit nicely into 4 distinct music genres. 1) Roll competent, 2) Retractable, 3) Replace Able and 4) Outside.

Roll able Banner Stands. Most roll capable screens are constructed of extruded-aluminum frameworks comprising a top and bottom cross bar that laminated image or the roll competent material is gripped inside. The pluses of this type of banner offers a very cost effective marketing medium and are it is usually small, relatively affordable and light weight. Disadvantages are when in transit, that the graphic isn't protected and the system is extremely lightweight creating some instances a little unstable.

Retractable Banner Stands The style of stand is is made of a tubular foundation which has would retractable roller that the graphic is wound around such that when not set up the whole amount of the image winds up across the core within an aluminum case. This supplies 2 points, 1) and and automatic solution to store the graphics that 2) produces a protecting case for the image. Many of these aluminum tube foundations have swivel feet on the bottom which can be rotated to 90-degree angle so as to supply the base of support. The very top of the image has an aluminium extruded part attached to it that's place upon the very best of a shock corded tube that contain the upward the graphic against the spring pressure of the protective tube. Plusses and minuses of this kind of system are: Plus- protective tube for image, automatic rolling up of image by spring-loaded tube. Disadvantages are a more costly stand, a little bigger and heavier compared to the stands.

Banner Stands. The 3rd kind of banner stand is the graphical system that is replaceable. This is a system using the image encapsulated in a spring loaded cartridge that slides in and out from the tubular base device so as to make the graphical system easily replaceable. Plusses are that it does have a replaceable graphical making it more economical to possess more that one concept for the stand. Disadvantages are few.

Outside Banner Stands. Outdoor stands are similar except that most of these are printed on a fabric material using UV inks to withstand the components when being used out doors, to the roll capable stands. Another important difference is that the vertical poles used to help the images are typically spring loaded on the bases so that they can rock in the wind a maybe not trigger the banner to tip-over. The greatest difference is in the base where the out door banner stand has to have a bigger and heaver foundation due to the wind. Most are molded plastic bases which permit the inclusion of sand to offer the weight that was necessary to really make the show stable.

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